Some words about myself

I am ...

... a design lover and love creating the world by design.

... a creative mind and a product strategist keen to try out new things.

... a curious guy steadily thinking about fixing defective systems in the world.

... an agile baby that never came near to a waterfall.

... a tech enthusiast but I believe that technology is just one part of the story.

I wanna create impact

I believe in a human's purpose. We are not animals as in the sense of just existing in the present. A purpose implies the will to create impact for the future.

Impact has a sustainable nature by design.

Behaving sustainable is for me the generic purpose of mankind securing the future for the next generations.

Unfortunately, impact can be rarley seen on a short-term scale. As the grand canyon is formed by millions of years to a natural wonder for mankind, everyone's activites on earth are not changing the world from one day to another, but instead a steady flow of actions will.

I wanna design impact

I do not believe in concepts as chance or fate. The past, present and future is a construction by ourselves, by our minds.

Thus, it can be designed.

A design is by definition not a random event, but a thoughtful creation with purpose, values and constraints. Design is the visible manifestation of our minds.

The act of designing transforms our minds by just doing it and the results transform the status quo by just being in existence.

I wanna support in your impact

If you encounter new and radical or disruptive business challenges with new technologies and systems involved or have an initiative to digitally transform your organization, I am glad to support, teach, mentor, consult or just listen.

Years ago, I realized that I am part of the minority that have the gift to find alternative solutions where others just see a dead end.

Thus, I am happy to support with my talent to design impact in every possible or impossible way.

Note: At the moment I am in contract with a company. Anyway I am always happy to listen and give feedback. I am always open for challenging opportunities in my career.

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