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When Dreams Come True: My First Concept for a Strategy Board Game

Cupcake Method

This idea slumbered for a long time in my mind. I think I had first thoughts about a thrilling strategic board game for 15 years ago. At this time I played a lot with my friends, day and night. Why it come exactly now? I don't know, but it was as you describe in creativity research a "flow". I took me only four weeks from a rough idea to a first concept and a playable prototype. But the hard work is coming in the next weeks and months - the perfect balance of the game mechanisms - and I am not sure when the game finally will be ready to send it to various board game publishers.

The Story

The background story is a bit of a space odyssey. You (the player) are stranded on a lost space station far away from your home galaxy. But you are not alone. Other alien civilizations are also stranded by a mysterious space time phenomenon. It is not sure if the others are friends or enemies. The mission is to find the correct home coordinates by exploring the galaxy neighbourhood.

The Game Mechanisms

The winning strategy is to find the right balance between discovering new galaxy quadrants and new planets, exploiting resources, building technologies and of course dealing with the other alien civilzations who could be attacking you at any point of time. The player can choose between the following actions when it is his turn:

Move (fly and land the spaceship)
Explore (new galaxy quadrants and planets)
Exploit (the planet's resources)
Build (new space stations, hyperloop tunnels or additional shace ships)
Attack (or defend)
Recharge (pause and recharge the spaceship's shield levels)

Next Steps

The board game has to be tested a lot. Currently, I work on the basic mechanisms and rules. If they are all refined and ready to go, the real (feedback) testing starts with different groups, player strategies, number of players etc. I expect to be ready for a professional feedback with a game author of expect in 2020.


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