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How to Find People to Help You with Your Business Idea

Buddy Check for Startups

Maybe you know this situation. You have a brilliant idea – at least for your understanding of things – you tell friends and other people about your idea and in return you get some nodding, some agreeing, but most of your colleagues are not very convinced or just baffled. Due to that, you find out that maybe the idea is not so promising as you have thought. Some time ago, I hit a very nice visualization of the different types of buddies to consider in a startup or business idea.

It is obvious that most people you meet in your life would be categorized as level one to three, see chart below. The reasons might be various, but in most cases it could be summarized as a lack of curiosity. The minority, but the most interesting group of people starts with level 4. To recognize them in real life, here are a few example comments that could be a reaction of one of your crazy ideas.

What is essential to know if you have a new idea or want to initiate a startup business are the following things:

There are of course different types of characters in life. You have to know this and identify the people that value your ideas.
You have to be aware the most people are not helpful (level 1 to 3) when it comes to engaging in your idea.
Level 4 to 7 are rare in real life, but they are the essential key drivers for your ideas or businesses.
Communication, socializing and networking is key to find them.


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