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My Cupcake for 2017

Cupcake Method

What is a cupcake and what it has to do with my personal targets for the upcoming year? Check out in my story here.

In 2017 my focus is to come back again, step by step. After a hard 2016 (by far the hardest one) with losing nearly everything, I want to focus on meeting new people, but also doing vacations with my good old friends. Finding my role in the new job life is another crucial step forward. Last but not least, I have to deal with the financial mess after the startup years 2014 to 2016, where a plan is a good starting point and get rid of things in general. Trying out new stuff is also part of this year as for example crossfit and online dating.

Wow Goals

Las Vegas, Grand Canyon & California
Travel with good old friends to the United States again
New Friends
Find new friends in Upper Austria
Travel to Croatia and smell the sea again after a very long time
Christmas Tree
Celebrate christmas after a long time with a large & reusable plastics tree
New Zealand
Travel to Croatia and smell the sea again after a very long time

Performance Goals

Learn, train and buy equipment for home training
Online Dating
Try out new things
Spend more time in the mountains in spring & summer
Go into natura and improve archery skills
Get rid of stuff not needed anymore, either sell or donate them
Support Friends
Stay in contact with old friends & help if possible
Focus on less carbs and more vegetables
Job Role
Getting more responsibilities and get a better salary in the current job

Basic Goals

Update passport to enable travelling in other countries again
Flu Vaccination
Avoid long winter sickness as in the year before
Full Insurance Package
Complete insurance protection as accidents, life, occupational disability and legal protection
Holis Debts
Pay back and get public or private loans
Finance Plan
Set up a strict financial plan with yearly goals and monthly reporting


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