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My Cupcake for 2017

Cupcake Method

What is a cupcake and what it has to do with my personal targets for the upcoming year? Check out in my story here.

In 2018 my focus is on starting fresh in a new company with more responsibilities and gaining more competences in the IT sector. Change is a constant in this year as for example ending my table tennis career after 25 years of playing in various championships. The gained time I want to use for new sports and fitness training to have good balance between cardio and muscle workouts. This website launch about my personal and business life is another new step in my life, as well as learning skiing and scuba diving. Vacations in Mauritius, Zakynthos and London are big moments in this year, and of course the new member of our family, Lilly the male cat.

Wow Goals

Travel to Mauritius & relax and enjoy the sea for more than two weeks
Own & parent a cat
Get a new suit for weddings, business events etc.
Travel the first time to a Greek island - Zakynthos - and get together with my girlfriend's relatives
Scuba Diving
Try out scuba diving for the first time
Travel to London for a weekend and watch the musical "Phantom of the Opera"
Business Ideas
Create new business ideas to think about possible next steps in life
Launch a blog called "Digital Diaries"
Travel to Paris with my girlfriend and do a romantic trip with Eiffel Tower, Disney Land & more
Start writing a book "Designing Impact"

Performance Goals

A new job role / company with a good boss & team and in general more responsibilities
Get rid of stuff not needed anymore, either sell or donate them
Website & Portfolio
Bring my profile, past performances and skills online
New fashion style, more modern & elegant
Table Tennis
End my table tennis career having more time for personal fitness
Fitness Center
Subscribe for fitness center and get regular training after work
Regular sport training with team focus, either futsal or soccer
Find a substitute for table tennis with focus on cardio
Buy a complete ski equipment and practice getting to a solid level
Daily sports
Start with a fitness plan and integrate it on daily basis
New shoes in exchange for the old ones for different purposes: work, running, soccer & summer time
Cleaning Service
Hire a cleaning service to have more quality time with my girlfriend
Romanian Language
Start learning Romanian to be able to talk to my girlfriends friends and family
Focus on better nutrition with more fruits, vegetable and fish
BIA Test
Make a bio impedance analysis test to have a referenc value for the next years
Do salsa course and improve dancing skills
Improve chess & go for strategic thinking

Basic Goals

Private Medical Insurance
Invest in private doctors and extended services in hospitals
Online Bank
Change to online bank having no regular fees & smart services
Refresh vaccinations e.g. Hepatitis & Diphtheria & Tetanus
Pension Status
Check current pension status and look for different pension investment options
Health Check
Check personal pension status and talk with expert about different options
Foot Orthotics
Get fresh pair of foot orthotics
Car Brakes
Check brakes and do general repair & service
Family & Friends
More time with family & friends
Dishing machine
Buy dishing machine having more quality time with my girlfriend
Personal Data
Check old/damaged hard disks and rescue data
Shoe Care
Buy shoe care set for leather to extend the life time of new shoes


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