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My Cupcake for 2019

Cupcake Method

What is a cupcake and what it has to do with my personal targets for the upcoming year? Check out in my story here.

In 2019 my focus is more on saving money with the target to build a house or buy an apartment in the next years. In my job I have to manage two company-critical projects where the major effort as well as the main project phase has to be implemented in 2019. Big moments are of course my nephews first communion and the visit of my girlfriend's homeland Romania.

Wow Goals

Go for skiing holidays to Jasna in Slovakia
Travelling across the home counry of my girlfriend
First Communion
Be part of my nephews first communion
Wedding of Nico & Dani
Be part of Nico & Dani's wedding in Romania
Castle Klessheim
Celebrate my birthday in the casino Salzburg at Klessheim
Tyrol & Castle Neuschwanstein
Discover Tyrol and go to castle Neuschwanstein
Central America & the Caribbean *NEW*
Cruise ship journey through the Caribbean
Board Game *NEW*
Invent a strategic board game
Apartment *NEW*
Buy a new apartment to have more space and a garden and invest/save money

Performance Goals

Financial Investment
Check for new ways to put a percentage of my savings in other investment types
Fat Burning
Focus more on cardio than on weight training
Check for new ways to put a percentage of my savings in other investment types
Join a rackethlon tournament to exercise squash, badminton and table tennis
Projects at Work
Focus on the progress of my two major projects at work
Blog once or twice a month on website, blogging platforms and social media
Invest in a dishwasher to have more quality time with my girlfriend
Linzathlon *NEW*
10 kilometers running and 15 hurdles in the inner city of Linz
Rafting *NEW*
Rafting at Salza and jumping off from a 6 meter cliff
Squash *NEW*
Focus on Squash workouts

Basic Goals

Car Maintenance
Check & replace steering device and do general repair & service
Cut spendings this year for holidays to save money for future house and/or property
BIA Test
Make a bio impedance analysis test to have a referenc value for the next years
Foot Orthotics
Get fresh pair of foot orthotics in autumn
Truck Driver License
Extend truck driver license
Personal Data
Check old/damaged hard disks and rescue data
Shoe Care
Buy shoe care set for leather to extend the life time of new shoes
Get rid of stuff not needed anymore, either sell or donate them
Family & Friends
Spend more time with family & friends


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