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My Cupcake for 2020

Cupcake Method

What is a cupcake and what it has to do with my personal targets for the upcoming year? Check out in my story here.

Due to a challenging (Corona) year in 2020, some goals could no be accomplished and moved to 2021. With the upcoming vaccine the hope is big, that travelling is possible again. Greece, Italy, France and New Zealand are one of the planned destinations for 2021. One of the focus areas is also education. Doing certificates, teaching myself with educational books and learning new stuff. In the last years luckily I could manage to accomplish a lot of my financial goals (kill some debts) and this year it is time to repay society and donate in climate funds.

Wow Goals

New Zealand
Preparation (equipemnt, tour plan, start and end date, etc.) for New Zealand
Move to new apartment and buy new furniture
Board Game
Finalize and publish my strategic board game
Skiing in South Tyrol
Enjoy the perfect snow in South Tyrol, Vigo di Fassa
After the successful exam of my girlfriend plan some days off to celebrate
Tyrol & Achensee
Discover Tyrol and go to castle Neuschwanstein with my girlfriend
Volvo Polestar 2
Test drive with the new electric automobile of Volvo
Learn to dance salsa with my girlfriend
Start writing a book with the working title "Designing Impact"

Performance Goals

New Job
Change job with perspective to lead a team in the future
Agile Certification
Make a SCRUM or an Agile Coach Certification
Fat Burning & Low Carb Diet
Focus on cardio training & low carb food
Go on Austrian mountains more often to train for New Zealand
BIA Test
Make a bio impedance analysis test to have a referenc value for the next years
10 kilometers running and 15 hurdles in the inner city of Linz
Join a rackethlon tournament to exercise squash, badminton and table tennis
New Fitness Studio
Change fitness studio from Cleverfit to FitInn
Blog once or twice a month on website, blogging platforms and social media
House Facilities
Invest in a dishwasher, washing machine, vacuum and lawnmower robot to have more quality time
Billard Trial Session
Try out the new billard club in Wels
Increase learning Romanian
Focus on Squash workouts
New Bike
My first mountain bike
Political Engagement
Begin first steps with political engagement and join a party
Get a Shorty
Get a Shorty for cold water swimming in Autumn & Spring

Basic Goals

Household Insurance
Get a good household insurance for the new apartment (also smartphones)
Health Check
Make a complete health check with an institute provided by the insurance
Car Maintenance
Check & replace dampers and do general repair & service
Foot Orthotics
Get fresh pair of foot orthotics in autumn
Personal Data
Check old/damaged hard disks and rescue data
Get rid of stuff not needed anymore, either sell or donate them
Shoe Care
Buy shoe care set for leather to extend the life time of new shoes
Family & Friends
Spend time with family & friends
Pay back loans to a maximum


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