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My Cupcake for 2021

Cupcake Method

What is a cupcake and what it has to do with my personal targets for the upcoming year? Check out in my story here.

Due to a challenging (Corona) year 2020, some goals could no be accomplished and moved to 2021. With the upcoming vaccine the hope is big that travelling is possible again. Greece, Italy, France and New Zealand are one of the planned destinations for 2021. One of the focus areas is also education. Accomplishing certificates, teaching myself with educational books and learning new stuff. Luckily, In the last years I could manage to accomplish a lot of my financial goals (kill some debts) and this year it is time to repay society and donate in climate funds.

Wow Goals

New Zealand
Preparation (equipment, tour plan, start and end date, etc.) for New Zealand
Enjoy paradise before it is too late (rising sea level)
Board Game
Finalize the concept for a strategic board game
Skiing in South Tyrol
Enjoy the perfect snow in South Tyrol, Vigo di Fassa
Back to Greece
Enjoy the crystal-clear blue water of Zakynthos again
Back to London
Birthday Present!
Paris & Castle Versailles
Go the first time to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower
Electric Vehicle
Test drive and acquire an EV
Learn to dance salsa with my girlfriend
Start writing a book "Designing Impact"
Find your "Why" and new job
Find new job according to my Why (agile product ownership)

Performance Goals

Buy a drone, learn to fly and create travel videos
Scrum, Product Owner and SAFe Product Owner & Manager Certification
Make some agile certifications
Electronic Traded Funds (ETF)
Invest 30% of savings in ETFs
Cambridge Certification for English Language
Prerequisite for working abroad
Buy and learn SUP
Educate yourself about self-employment and make a check-list
Plant vegetables and fruits and set the garden stones
Fat Burning & Low Carb Diet
Focus on cardio training & low carb food
Hike with my brother on the most famous mountain in Upper Austria
Take bikes on vacation and enjoy nature tracks
10 kilometers running and 15 hurdles in the inner city of Linz
Join a rackethlon tournament to exercise squash, badminton and table tennis
Start with Crossfit as preparation for Spartan Race
Read Educational Books
With new Kindle read more books (digitally)
Blog once or twice a month on website, blogging platforms and social media
Billard Trial Session
Try out the new billard club in Wels
Reduce Social Media
Exit Facebook & Messenger
Padel Trial Session
Try out the new fun sport Padel
Improve Romanian Language

Basic Goals

Climate Protection Donations
Make a regular donation plan for climate protection
Health Check
Make a complete health check with an institute provided by the insurance
Car Maintenance
Check & replace dampers and do general repair & service
Foot Orthotics
Get fresh pair of foot orthotics in autumn
Get rid of stuff not needed anymore, either sell or donate them
Family & Friends
Spend time with family & friends


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