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The Experts Illusion

Experts Illusion

Have you ever worked with professionals or experts? If not, I am sure that you have good or bad experiences with doctors, mechanics, finance and insurance guys and so on. What they have in common is that like you they are experts in their field. It is their daily job to be good in what they are doing. But everyone knows experts that are not really good at their job, right? And what also happens is that the guy is competent, but lazy to support in your cause. My thesis is that there are at least three groups of professionals out there: the losers, the lazies and the heroes. My assumption is that most of the time we have to deal with losers and lazies, but our main goal should be to stick with heroes in all fields.

50% are "Losers": no competence and no passion about their work. They do what they do, because they get money.
30% are "Lazies": competent, but not really passionate or think a lot about what they can do more for someone (e.g. the customer).
20% are "Heroes": the perfect mix of competence in their field and passion what they do day by day, you can fully trust them.

The % are of course not statistically proven, but are based on my experience with partners and agencies and so-called experts in the last decade with a shot of gut-feeling. The % are varying between business sectors. It could be better, but to be honest it is probably more realistic that it is worse. I would say "Supermen" are far more are than the 25%. But just to imagine (with positive numbers), every second expert you ask for something to support in your life, he/she could be loser. In general, if you are not the luckiest person at all, you should not trust anyone. And worse, the chance to get a supermen is just 1 out of 5. As a consequence, if you have a mix of losers and lazies in your network - or worse your inner circle - then you cannot win much in your life.

Tip: If you go for an expert in a field, just do not take the first one that you find, but make a rudimentary assessment, use multiple sources (online, friends, other companies he/she work with etc.) to prove if he/she is competent AND passionate about their daily professional work.


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