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Life Goals Revisited

Life Goals Revisited

It is interesting to see if you plan your life goals in the early 20s (when you have actually no plan of life at all) and check 10 to 15 years later what you have reached, what is still on the to-do-list and what changed totally. And luckily I wrote a list when I was about 20 years old, and this list I've found these days on my computer. Still, it is a lot to accomplish in the next years and decades in my life.

These were my life goals on the list, either accomplished or not, some are added, because it was time to update the list after years.

Play in the national league of a sport

Due to a heavy injury I was not able to train table tennis as hard as in my teenager time. Luckily, I got later the chance to play some games in the second Austrian national league. It was a good experience, but it also showed me that sports and especially table tennis is not everything in my life. It is an important part of me, but I can better in other fields of life.

Buy a car with an eco-friendly engine

Interesting that nearly 15 years ago I thought about eco-friendly cars. In these times it was not more than a concept and far away from a company like Tesla. Obviously I sensed very early that the combustion engine cars are not the smartest solution of mankind. Unfortunatley, I don't own an eco-friendly car yet, but I am 100% sure that my next car will be. If I would pick today I would choose the new Volvo Polestar 2 that arrives at global markets in mid 2020.

Found a sustainable company

The biggest adventure in my life so far, my own startup called holis market. I accompanied from the first rough idea until the concret realization as an online/offline market situated in the heart of Linz, Austria. Unfortunately, it was not working out, due to various reason as already discussed here.

Plant a tree

It is a bit of a cliche, but yes I planted a tree. It is not a big thing, at least a few years ago. With the climate change challenge planting trees or protect them will be more and more important for our future.

Travel to the United States and New Zealand

Whereas my two travels to the United States invoke mixed feelings, my journey to New Zeland will be linked to unforgettable moments. New Zealand is more nature and less people what I like in this combination most. And, in 2021 I will return to these marvellous country for several weeks for sure. I was very happy to have the privilege to travel to a lot of other countries as for example Mauritius or the Azores or most of the countries in Europe.

Visit a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert

I don't know why, but I missed to visit a concert of one of my favourite rock bands ever. Still on the list and has to be accomplished!

Create an online platform

During the holis market project we also developend an online platform for customers, food bloggers and dietitians. The vision was to enable everyone's personal nutrition. The food blogger could create food boxes based on their recipes for specific purposes e.g. sports, vegetarian, low-carb etc. These boxes were after a review by dietitians published on the online platform for the customers. As the grocery market was not performing sufficiently the online business was dying too.

Create a website for myself

I had developed a lot of websites and web applications in my private and professional career. But I have never created a website to show my personal development over the years. The purpose of this site is more a personal diary then to show it to the whole world.

Build a house

I would say this is on most people's bucket lists. Still, it is a big project and also a financial risk. A first step was to buy a small condo with a little garden. Maybe in some years I am ready for the next big step.

Have a family

Still not sure about that, but with my girlfriend and the little cat I would call it at least a little family.

Find a challenging job

When you have not started your job career, you have naive thoughts about finding your dream job and stay their more or less forever. The reality is of course far away from this fairy tale. But I had luck that I got some challenging and interesting jobs to learn a lot. Still, there is potential to develop and to grow.

Be politically active

To my mind this is a question of experience and the right timing. I don't like the idea to go directly into politics, because I think there is a huge lack of experience and a lack of dealing with different social situations. I am 35 now, so I would say it is still too early, but I have to admit that I am very interested in political discussions.

Teach others

Teaching is as political engagement also a think what I would like to do when I am older and more experienced. I was lucky to be nominated as a mentor by the University of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria. It is not teaching per se, because the learning effect is bi-directional. The mentee can learn from the mentor, but also the mentor can learn from the mentee.

Write a book

The idea is to write a book about something meaningful for others, that has an impact. I had some ideas about that, but I think it is too early for that.

Have a billard room

This target looks childish on the first sight. But playing billard or snooker gave me always a clear mind, high concentration and being in some kind of flow. I could imagine that I would do that on a daily basis. The good thing is that you can play billard alone and it has still the same effect for me.

Found a sports club

Sports was always a big thing in my life, in an active and passive manner. I like the environment of a sports club, especially when it comes to team environments. It is fantastic to see if all work together to achieve a goal. It means that not the individual is the center, but the team. This metaphor should also be used in a company environment, but sadly it is most of the time the opposite. To found a sports club could combine my interests in a perfect way.


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